Why Health Insurance is So Important in US and in The Entire World?

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Why Health Insurance is So Important in US and in The Entire World?

Health Insurance – Many people now realize that they can’t handle many things at once without saving first. If you are diagnosed with a dangerous disease, you have to spend much money and it can’t guarantee you to be cured and healed in short time. Most people have to sell their own property even to get rid of the disease. That is why, in order to prevent that, health insurance is chosen for people to save their money as soon as possible in terms of health for the future.

Health Insurance Didn’t Cover So Much Before WWII

You may not realize but before WWII or World War 2, Americans didn’t have any health insurance at all and policies were not existed at all there. It can be found only to cover the cost for board and hospital room with less coverage so you can say if there was no any medical insurance at all back then. After the war has ended, the federal government had wage freeze and the purpose was to curb inflation. However, it meant only the companies can’t raise to get the right and best employees.

In exchange for that, they offered some benefits and one of that was medical insurance. The Internal Revenue Service in 1954 made the premiums of insurance became non-taxable. It made additional dollar of insurance more precious and beneficial than a dollar taken from your taxable salary. There is an estimation made of The Tax Policy Center that tax increases deficit in US by $250 billion per year after breaking alone but the politicians were not be chosen in the election again if they gave suggestion to remove it.

It is literally true because the tax break give the government insurance subsidy for only middle to upper classes and also the wealthy people. The Tax Policy Center knew that average benefit of this medical insurance was around $282 for the household in of the tax bracket. However, the benefits are around $374 for  of tax bracket. Now, most countries use universal health care where the government will pay for the health care just like defense and also education for the entire citizens.

Another Alternative beside Health Insurance You can Get as the Citizen

When Germans and French people come to hospital or see the doctor, government will pick up all or almost the bill. Meanwhile, the downside will take long time to meet specialist or perhaps receive the operation in non-emergency matter. No one needs to worry about certain disease that can make them die because they can’t pay for the treatment. Another alternative to the medical insurance is known as self-pay. It means, people will pay for the health care themselves but they can bargain on the price to get the less expensive deal.

In this way, people can get the lower price for getting the health care all. They can take the loans for getting the expensive procedures like house or car. They can choose to get the best health care to avoid the preventable illness such as diabetes. However, it has a risk to make people have to choose between medicine and food especially for those who have low income. That is why, medical insurance is the perfect choice right now as the American Dream said thet access to the health care becomes easy for all.

There will not be any term like the higher your salary is, the better medicine and treatment you get and vice versa. By saving your money based on the policies you choose in the medical insurance, you can get the best medical treatment even for disease you don’t expect at all. In US, having this kind of insurance is so necessary since it is stated in ACA 2010 or Affordable Care Act so insurance is legal and it is operated under the federal government so you don’t need to hesitate for registering.

The Reason Why Health Insurance is So Undoubtedly Important

In ACA, the person who has no medical insurance needs to pay the fine. However, the current Individual Mandate in this Act has been removed forever from legislation and it means, the insurance will not be the legal and must requirement in US this year. But you need to consider in having it once since this is so useful in the future. If you are diagnosed with something unexpected, you can be treated as soon as possible. If you don’t claim anything, you will get your money back in interesting amount as the agreement ends.

If the health policies you choose cover many members of your family including children, then you are allowed to be the parents until 26 years old even if the members of your family are:
  • Included to the employer’s insurance coverage
  • Not independent for financial matter
  • Living far away from home and
  • Married already
Under the right legislation in US or other countries you live, you can free to register the health insurance without worrying anything about health cost and expenses.

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